AVRCalc is a free calculator to assist in programming AVR microcontrollers. It provides the following functions.

  • Baud Rate Calculator
    Actual baud, error rate, and character and bit timing.
  • Timer Calculator
    Allows settting of prescaler, desired timing (in millseconds, microseconds, or Hertz), whether computing base rate or toggled [double frequency], showing compare values, actual rate, and error percentage, and timer overflow periods.
  • TWI Calculator
    Computes TWI (I2C) frequencies based on register values as well as computing register values based on desired frequency.
  • Watchdog Calculator
    Computes times for number of 128kHz watchdog cycles.
  • FMUL Calculator
    Computes AVR fractional multiplications.
  • 32-bit Number Calculator
    Converts between decimal (integer and floating point), hexadecimal integers, and IEEE-754 floating point. Can switch between little and big endian formatting.
  • ASCII Calculator
    Computes between character strings, ASCII hex, and binary values.

Please forward any bug reports or feature requests to kevin@rosenberg.net.

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